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Cottage Rug ,CAL

Cottage rug, crochet rug
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Edit: The CAL is now finished. You can buy the complete step-by-step pattern on

During my Easter holiday, I made a crochet rug for my daughter, and I wish to share the pattern with you in this mini-CAL. The pattern will be released in four parts over two weeks. I will post the pattern here on my blog, and you will find the dates further down.

The pattern is free during the CAL, but you will also be able to download the complete pattern for free on for a period of time, once the CAL is finished.

Hope you'll join me, and please share your pictures with me ♥
You can find me on Facebook; Hverdagsmagi, and Instagram; @hverdagsmagi

Edit April 4th. I've also created a Facebook Group for my CAL's and patterns. Feel free to join for updates, help from me or other group members and to share pictures of your work; Hverdagsmagi Crochet Along


♥ 16 - 20 skeins of Drops Paris
♥ 6 mm crochet hook
♥ Yarn needle
♥ Scissors

Yarn info: 

The amount of yarn needed depends on whether you would like to make the rug in a single color or with color change. If you're making the rug in a single color, you'll need 16 skeins of Paris. If you decide to use multiple colors you may need more yarn, depending on how many rows you crochet in each color.

I used three different colors for my rug, and I needed 18 skeins.
  • Spray blue 102, 2 skeins
  • Powder pink 58, 8 skeins
  • Off white 17, 8 skeins (I barley had any yarn left in this color, so to be on the safe side I would have bought 9 or 10 skeins)


10 x 10 cm = 12 dc x 6 rows

Crochet terms:

US and UK-terms


About 96 cm in diameter

Cottage Rug, crochet rug.

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  1. At the very last row in Part 3 shouldn't it say skip 7 dc?

    1. You are absolutely right. Thank you so much for noticing, and letting me know;)